"Sibmost – you are our pride!" (to the Sibmost OJSC 60-th anniversary)

We are peers of the glorious Victory,
And their growth doesn't end
They are glorified in our deed,
Serve the people under the "Sibmost" trademark.
Fixing our eyes forward,
Filling hearts with romanticism,
We harness rivers and mountains
While not losing our faces!


Sibmost! You are our pride!
Sibmost! You are our home!
Sibmost! So let the youth
Goes one way with you!
Sibmost - in your victories rays!
Sibmost - there are no easy ways!
Sibmost - you are as safe as houses
We go forward with you one way

We put out strength and nerves
Hereof our words are not empty
And to the benefit of Russia we leave
Gorgeous bridges for future generations
And in all regions of Siberia
Our Sibmost is a headway citadel
And your people - are best in the world!
It is not for nothing the glory of them goes indeed.


Relying on the bridge development brigades
Brotherly  landing our shoulder,
We will overcome any obstacles
And we'll remember the heroes not once!
Those who not sparing their lives,
Had blazed a trail for the bridge family!
Let a golden handshake grow crimson!
Our Sibmost - we are everlastingly with you!

Chorus (2 times)

Music and text: Valery Vinogradov, Novosibirsk city, 2005
Vocal: Maxim Maminov