Siberian roadbuilders summed up the results of 2011

Monday, 06 February 2012

Federal Motorway Administration "Siberia" (FPI "Sibuptautodor") held a meeting, at which it summed up the West-Siberian region road builders 2011work and indicated the road works program for 2012. The meeting was attended by the Minister of transport and road facilities of the Novosibirsk region Nikolay Simonov, by the leaders of the contracting road enterprises, performing the works on upkeeping and repair of the federal roads of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk and Tomsk regions, and the representatives of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection.

 Market participants have come to the conclusion that the year 2011 was a landmark for the road sector of the whole Siberian federal district. The main event was Novosibirsk Northern Bypass setting into operation (General contractor - Sibmost OJSC). In the composition of a new road with a length of a 76.4 km there are 10 traffic interchanges in two levels, 14 approach viaducts and 11 bridges, including out-of-classbridge across the Ob river with a length of 923 meters.

Also the "builders" report about the fact, that in 2011 the annual work programme on mend and major repairs is fully executed. Totally the 300,4 km of Federal motor roads in the region are mended, including the Novosibirsk region with 104.8 km, the Kemerovo region - 94, 4 km, the Omsk region - 101,2 km.

The program of roads major repairs included five objects with a total length of 27.3 km, including a 10 km in the Novosibirsk region, 8 km - in the Kemerovo and 9.3 km in the Omsk region.

After mend the dry bridges and the bridges across the Ljubarovka river on the federal highway M-53 "Baikal" in the Kemerovo region are put into operation. The bridges over the rivers Ojash and Gorbuniha on the federal highway M-53 "Baikal" in Novosibirsk region are majorly repaired.

 In General, in 2011 there funds in the amount of 1,456 billion roubles for the repair and major repairs of bridges and federal roads of the subordinate network were allocated, that on 15 % more, than in 2010. The performed works allowed to improve consumer appeal of roads and to strengthen the existing road surface.

 The subject for serious discussion at the meeting was the theme of the accidental condition on the federal roads in Western Siberia. Just for the 2011 the Federal budget allocated 198.6 million roubles for target programs on road-traffic safety that is 40% more, than in 2010. Due to these means the carriageway marking, the surface grooves liquidation, the contraction joint restoration, installation and replacement of the crash barriers, replacing road signs and signal posts, upkeeping the electric lighting lines elements were made.

In 2012, the length of the repaired areas will increase in comparison with the previous year by 22 % - up to 421 km. For the roads and man-made constructions maintenance, as well as for the transport infrastructure objects transportation safety, in 2012 it will be allocated by 1, 122 billion roubles from the Federal budget - this amount is 10 % more than in the previous year. Also the budget financing for implementation of the construction project installation of the first stage of the Eastern Bypass of Novosibirsk - the road-double of the federal road M-52 "Chuysky tract" is received.

On the year 2012 the implementation of the project, the allotment and buy-out of the land, the site preparation, namely: deforestation, existing engineering communicationsis overhaul - are planned.

 In this year it is also necessary to execute design document for the second stage of the Eastern Bypass - the first category road section with a length of 14 km.

Also in 2012 the project of reconstruction of a 30-kilometer section of the highway M-51 "Baikal" will pass the state expertise in the borders of the Kochenevskij district before entering Northern Bypass of the Novosibirsk.