Sibmost OJSC is one of the leading bridge building companies in the country, that provides full complex of works on construction of complex and strategically important projects keeping high quality standards.

Construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of all types of bridges, over head roads and other artificial    constructions

Construction, reconstruction and repair of highways

Construction and reconstruction of aerodromes, airports, flight strips

Making bridge constructions (solid-concrete and metal)

Construction, reconstruction and repair of railway roads

Projecting of highways, bridges and other artificial objects

Repair and maintenance of highways and artificial objects on them

Construction of civil and industrial buildings

Technical control over the construction of bridges and other artificial objects

Together with main special works, Sibmost OJSC Together with some kinds of special works, during many years Sibmost OJSC is successful in the construction of transport tunnels, over head roads, levees and wharf walls, heavy section collectors, avalanche shed and piled foundations of any type for civil and industrial buildings.