Staff of Sibmost OJSC (earlier «Mostostroitelnyj trust of №2, Ministry of transport building») from the moment of its organization in post-war years and through present is constantly working over the issues of implementation of new technologies, widely using world achievements of construction science and techniques.

There is constant scientific and technical monitoring in close cooperation with such scientific institutes as CSRIS, RDE «Mosty», SouzDorSRI Kiev Institute of electric welding named after О. Paton, Novosibirsk institute of engineers of railroad transport (STU), Moscow state university of transport construction, MAI, Giprostroimost and other scientific and project institutes.

In the process of construction of bridges over powerful Siberia rivers, the team of Sibmost OJSC proposed, worked out and launched a lot of new original decisions in technologies of construction of big and out-of-class bridges. The most prominent of these decisions and suggestions are the following:

  • During the construction of state bridge over the river Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk in 60-s XX century there was made the unique operation on the assembling of reinforced concrete arch span of 150 m. At the shore of Yenisei there were made semi-arches from solid reinforced concrete, then these arches weighted up to 1500 ton were moved to the barge, were drifted on them on Yenisei and simultaneously assembled in final position.
  • First in Russia in 1980 – 1982 there was assimilated the technology of thermohardening drilling of rocky soil, coinciding with driving of assembled reinforced concrete covers in putting piles with big diameter on the base of bridge supporting structures.
  • In 1974 -1978 during the construction of Dimitrovsky bridge in Novosibirsk first in the USSR there was assimilated and implemented automatic assembling welding of bridge structures under the terms of North location. Later this technology was successfully used and modernized by the branches of Sibmost OJSC at many bridges (bridges over the river Lena in Irkutsk, Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk, Ob in Barnaul, Irtysh in Omsk, metro bridge and highway bridge over Ob as a part of North passby in Novosibirsk etc.).
  • There was assimilated the technology of putting bored piles with diameter of 1,5 m with widening of pile foundation about 3,5 m. Such technology allows greatly increasing resist ability of bored pile in soft soil.
  • Almost at all metal bridges they use different variants of incremental launching using modern high-productive jacking equipment, that allows decreasing expenses and terms of construction greatly.
  • First in Russian practice during the construction of bridge over Ob river at Northern Bypass of Novosibirsk in the process of launching of span there was used combination of 42-meter launching nose floating jackets with loading capacity of 800 ton with special farm lifters that allow regulating sags of span. At the same bridge to provide protection from aeroelastic fluctuations from wind impact on span, high accuracy and safety of works, before starting launching in the aircraft laboratory of Novosibirsk state technical institute in wind channel there was tested the model of edgy part of span in the scale 1:100.

Nowadays implementation of new technical developments and modern technologies is also provided Sibmost OJSC. To increase technical level and mechanical equipment of construction and assembling works, achieve higher results, engineers of Sibmost OJSC conduct the development of the following leading constructions and technologies:

  • In 2009 there was assimilated the production of reinforced concrete highway beams of new construction with length of 24m and 33m. It allows making in one timbering a wide range of span beams with length from 15m to 33m, without the re-equipment of timbering (first in Russia for factory terms of production). Using of these beams will allow improving architectural appearance of bridge constructions in the terms of hard town site development.
  • Sibmost OJSC deals with the construction of out-of-class low-level highway bridge over the Amur Bay in Vladivostok as a part of complex construction on the preparation to CEO Summit that will take place in 2012 at the Island Russkiy.
  • During the construction of bridge pass over the Ob on Olovozavodskaya site in Novosibirsk there were successfully assimilated and used the following technologies:
    • - construction of solid-cast reinforced concrete bridge supportive structures with complex geometrical configuration.
    • - during the construction of shore anchor of arch span first in Siberia there was assimilated and launched the technology of putting of solid-cast concrete in great volume (to 4 500м3) using inventory panel forms produced by national company «Stalform».
    • - first in Russia they construct metal arch of span with length of 380 m and hight 72 m with two-way cables
    • - assembling and tensioning of cables will be performed by Swiss company VSL with the help of modern highly-productive equipment.
  • Sibmost OJSC puts bored piles of any diameter on the depth to 40 m, as well as bored piles according to the technology of endless moving screw without casing tubes. In this work Sibmost OJSC is the monopolist on the whole Asian territory of Russia.
  • Under the bridge construction there widely used modern surveying devices with the help of earth satellite, allowing not only provide surveying with accuracy but also transmit received data for further computer processing and projecting.
  • Sibmost OJSC has its own project team and personally provides projecting of separate bridges and bridge constructions using computer technologies.
  • Commonly used progressive constructions of supportive parts and functional joint «Maurer», now there is provided checkout of the equipment for the production of these functional joints with own forces (in UМ Sibmost OJSC).
  • There is monitoring on foreign and national companies, producing the equipment for performing works on putting and removing of sheet pile according to the method of «quiet» (low noise) technologies. It is currently important under the terms of hard housing in cities.
  • Sibmost OJSC has developed production base in its branches that fully provides the manufacture of precast concrete structures, spans, metal structures for own objects.
  • Sibmost OJSC actively participates in federal target program on the implementation of precast concrete covering at highways:
    • - at the objects of North passby in Novosibirsk there was launched the technology of putting beton with the help of concrete placing machines of new generation.
    • - They prepare the contract with foreign companies for the acquisition by Sibmost OJSC of concrete placing machines of new generation for the construction of Olovozavodskoy bridge as well as for the construction of highways and aerodromes.