About the company

Sibmost OJSC was founded on the base of «Mostostroy №2» trust in 1993. It is one of the leading bridge-building enterprises in the country, that on the basis of modern structures, materials, equipment and technologies implementation and usage provides the full complex of works on construction, reconstruction and repairing of highway and railroads with artificial constructions, bridges, overhead roads, flight strips, airports and other complex engineer constructions.

During 66 years of work «Sibmost» constructed in Russia and CIS countries more than 4100 bridges and over roads with total length more than 320 km, including – 9 bridges over the Ob river, 3 bridges over the Irtysh river, 5 bridges over the Yenisei river, 3 bridges over the Тоm’ river.

  • During previous years bridgebuilders put into operation important objects of Federal significance:

  • § Northern Bypass of Novosibirsk: highway with total length of 76,4 km includes 10 road interchanges, 14 over head roads, 11 bridges, including the bridge over the Ob river, its   length is 924 meters;
  • § The bridge over the Katun river, connecting the Republic of Altai and tourist and recreation zone «Altai valley»;
  • § «Gorno-Altaisk» Airport, with the extension of flight strip according to the parameters o II category of ICAO and increasing the category of the airport from class «D» to «В»         class;
  • § The greatest infrastructure object in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – is bridge crossing with length of 389 meters, connecting the shores of mountain river East Khandyga;
  • § Bratsky bridge over the Yenisei river on the bypass of Abakan;
  • § Bridge over the river Tom in Kemerovo (the widest in Trans-Urals);
  • § Bridge over the Chulym river in Tomsk region;
  • § Bridge over the Yenisei river in Deep Bypass of Krasnoyarsk;

Starting from 2010 in Novosibirsk Sibmost is dealing with the construction of new unique bridge over the Ob river, with navigable arch span with length of 380 meters. In 2012 Sibmost OJSC works at 109 objects, including: construction of low-level bridge from the peninsula De-Friz to Sedanka through Amur Bay dated to the CEO Summit 2012 in Vladivostok; construction of transport interchanges, making supportive structures and assembling of decking of bridge crossing over the Ob river in Novosibirsk; reconstruction of federal highway of 1st category М-52 «Chuisky tract» in the Republic of Altai; construction of the highway for «Gazprom» OJSC in the Republic of Altai; construction of great objects in Tomsk region (highway in TVZ of Tomsk), Yakutia, Buryatia (bridge over the river Barguzin) and Tyva (avalanche shed).

Together with some kinds of special works, during many years Sibmost OJSC is successful in the construction of transport tunnels, over head roads, levees and wharf walls, heavy section collectors, avalanche shed and piled foundations of any type for civil and industrial buildings.

Sibmost OJSC operates in 12 regions of Russia. The Company consists of eight branches and four subsidiaries with more than 5000 thousand people, 2 representative offices of the Company are in Moscow and Khabarovsk. The Company possesses modern production base, approach roads and construction equipment fleet, cargo cranes and motor transport: more than 1200 of equipment units including 225 units of North production.

As minimum, 65% of work volume of Sibmost OJSC is financed from federal budget. Market share of Sibmost OJSC in the sphere of bridges construction in RF is 9%. The main customers of the Company are RF Ministry of transport, «RZD» OJSC, the Ministry of economic development and trade. Besides this among customers-partners there are local road funds, administrations of regions, cities, enterprises of coal and metallurgical branches, oil and gas workers.

Successful Company work is provided by professional staff, keeping traditions, implementation of advanced technologies, materials, structures and equipment at the objects and high-quality of work it performs.

In 2011 package of orders of Sibmost OJSC was more than 16,3 bil. rub. The sum of Contracts for next years is 50 bil. Rub.