About the company

Sibmost OJSC was founded on the basis of “Mostostroy №2” trust in 1993. It is one of the leading bridge building enterprises of the country. It performs the full complex of works on the construction of motor and railway roads with artificial constructions, bridges, landing strips and airports and other complex engineering structures by means of adoption and the newest structures, materials, equipment and technologies usage.

Sibmost history

Sibmost history started in 1945 when the “Mostostroy №2” trust was founded in Dnepropetrovsk. This enterprise was performing an important mission concerning capital restoration of bridges, which have been destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, and new projects building. During the period 1945 to 1953 bridge builders have restored and built over 1000 new bridges and overpasses the total length over 40 km in the south-western areas of the country, including the unique double-deck bridge over the Old Dnieper River in Zaporozhye. In 1953 “Mostostroy №2” trust changed its location and moved to Novosibirsk.

The new period of activity for the enterprise team has started –a period of formation, development and transformation into a very powerful industrial structure to perform huge amount of bridge-building works on the territory from Urals to the Far East and from the country southern borders to Norilsk (which is beyond the Arctic circle). Only in Novosibirsk there have been built three bridges over the Ob River: the Oktyabrsky bridge in 1955, the first all-welded bridge in Siberia – Dimitrovsky bridge in 1978 and the only metro bridge on the other side of the Urals the total length of over 2145 km with its water part of 896 m long (the bridge was finished in 1985).

During its 66-year history Sibmost has built over 4100 bridges and overpasses the total length over 320 km, including 9 bridges over the Ob river, 3 bridges over the Irtysh river, 5 bridges over the Yenisei river, 3 bridges over the Tom’ river in Russia and CIS. Four bridges built by the Siberian builders have been included into the UNESCO collection “The World Bridge Building”: the bridge over the Old Dnieper river in the town of Zaporozhye (due to its record ferroconcrete arch span 228 m long), the bridge over the Norilskaya river for the need of both railway and motor traffic, as the world’s most southern of all the bridges beyond the 69 parallel, first urban bridge over the Yenisei river in Krasnoyarsk (due to its unique technology of weighing 1560 tonnes ferroconcrete semi-arcs installation and archs afloat in the span shorting) and the second urban bridge over the Yenisei river in Krasnoyarsk (due to its record beam span 200,2 m long).

In 1962 “Mostostroy №2” was rewarded with an Order of Lenin for successful accomplishment of bridge construction in some areas of Siberia and Far East and special achievements in Russian bridge building development.

On the basis of “Mostostroy №2” trust there have been established “Mostostroy №8” (Khabarovsk, 1970), “Mostostroy №9” (Ust-Kut, 1975) and “Mostostroy №11” (Surgut, 1976). Siberian experts assisted in the foundation of “Mostostroy №7” trust in Tashkent.

During last years bridge builders have placed in operation important projects of federal significance:


  • Nothern roundabout way of Novosibirsk: a highway 76.4 km long includes 10 road interchanges, 14 overpasses, 11 bridges including the bridge over the Ob river 924 m long;
  • The bridge over the Katun river uniting the Republic of Altai and the tourist-recreational zone "Altai valley";
  • "Gorno-Altaisk" Airport with its landing strip lengthened so that it suited the parameters of ICAO second class and the airport’s class rising from “D” to “B” class;
  • The biggest infrastructure project in Sakha Republic (Yakutia) – is the bridge passage 389 m long which unites the mountain river Eastern Khandyga banks;
  • The Bratskiy bridge over the Yenisei river roundabout Abakan;
  • The bridge over the Tom’ river in Kemerovo (the widest beyond the Urals);
  • The bridge over the Chulym river in Tom’ region;
  • The bridge over the Yenisei river deep roundabout Krasnoyarsk;

Since 2010 Sibmost OJSC has been performing the construction of a new unique bridge over the Ob river with a shipping arch span 380 m long in Novosibirsk. Today the most important tasks for the Company are: to finish the low-water bridge from the De Vries peninsula to Sedanka over the Strait of Amur construction by the APEC summit 2012 in Vladivostok; to build road interchanges, to build piers and to assemble bay structures of the bridge passage over the Ob river in Novosibirsk; to reconstruct the federal highway M-52 in the Republic of Altai; to construct large projects in the Republic of Altai, Tomsk region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yakutia, Buryatia and Tyva.

Along with the general core works Sibmost OJSC has been successfully performing various works on transport tunnels, overpasses, river docks and dock walls, collectors with large cross-section, anti-avalanche galleries and pile footings of any kind for residential and manufacture buildings construction for years.

Activity of Sibmost OJSC is represented in 12 Russian regions. The company has eight branches, four subsidiaries with total employment over 5000 and modern production facilities, spur tracks and a special machinery fleet, erecting cranes and motor transport. The company has its representative offices in Moscow and Khabarovsk.

In 2011 package of orders of Sibmost OJSC was more than 16,3 bil. rub. The sum of Contracts for next years is 50 bil. Rub

The authority of Open Joint-Stock Company Sibmost is confirmed by many state and industry rewards. In 2006 Sibmost OJSC gained the honorary title “Russian National Olympus”. For several years the company is in the lead at the “Roads of Russia” contest in “Best contracting organization” nomination; in 2009 the enterprise gained title “The elite of the construction complex of Russia”. Sibmost OJSC is a multiple laureate of the contest “For successful development of business in Siberia” and the All-Russian contest for the best construction organization, a winner of the annual International contest of The intergovernmental council for cooperation in construction activities between CIS countries.