Nowadays due to the market development the complexity and variety of performed construction works (tasks) increase. At the same time the customer places more strict requirements to the terms and quality of construction.

To increase efficiency and successfull competing under such terms there is a need to change methods of management and carrying out business according to world practice and technologies.

That is why Sibmost OJSC made the decision to implement ERP SAP - system, that allows providing the efficiency and unification of planning, budgeting, forecast and making records as well as their gathering on the base of sole standard. This system also helps to monitor not only final but also forecast indexes, that provides the opportunity to make balanced and reasonable decisions and minimize business risks, increase labor productivity of management staff due to the usage of conceptual interfaces and office applications.

The results of ERP SAP will be:

Clear understanding of corporate targets and tasks at all levels of company management, and support of all current processes within solving these issues;

Link between strategic and operative management through the system of indexes;

Increase of staff motivation;

Improving of budgeting and all types of recording;

Creation of project-oriented system of management.