"Sibmost" OJSC

Bridge Construction Crew 7 of Sibmost OJSC branch in Krasnoyarsk

The history of Bridge Construction Crew-7 of Sibmost OJSC branch in Krasnoyarsk began in 1941 when for restoration of bridges destroyed by war a bridge building train-53 was created. For years of work Krasnoyarsk bridge builders constructed the largest bridges through the rivers Ob, Yenisei, Angara. The Bridge Construction Crew worked across all Siberia, at Baikal, in Buryatiya, built railway bridges and overpasses of the Trans-Siberian trunk line.

 Pride of Bridge Construction Crew-7 are the bridges which have entered into the UNESCO collection “World bridge building”. It is the bridge through the river Old Dniepr (ferro-concrete arch span of 228 meters length), Communal bridge through the river Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk with unique technology of of ferro-concrete semi-arches in weight of 1560 tons installation, Bridge Oktyabrsky through the Yenisei, the most northern bridge in the world – the road-cum-rail bridge through the Norilskaya river.

 Nowadays almost all construction objects of Bridge Construction Crew-7 are outside of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Bridge builders construct a bridge through the Barguzin river in the Republic of Buryatiya, participate in bridge construction through the Amur Bay in the Primorye Territory, build the bridge through the Tamma river on a railway line of Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

It was founded in 1955 on the base of the Bridge train № 472 of “Mostostroi-2”. The enterprise is headed by Sergey Sokolov.

During a long period of work bridge builders managed to construct Dimitrovsky top-road bridge in Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk steel metro bridge across the Ob river, a lot of railroad and highway bridges, tunnels, overhead roads, connecting passages and other complex engineer constructions in Novosibirsk region and neighbor regions. Specialists of Bridge Construction Crew participate in the construction of the unique bridge crossing across Ob on Olovozavoskaya section Bridge Construction Crew-38 is included in «100 top construction crews in RF ».

Bridge Construction Crew-38 performs the following construction and assembly works:

- driving of all types of piles;

- making foundation at drilling and bored pile of any category of complexity for industrial and civil constructions;

- building and reconstruction of complex engineer constructions, needed a high level of scientific and technical development and quality control over construction works, including automatic welding of metal structures in severe weather conditions

- making of any railroad and metal bridge elements, overhead roads and equipment for their production.

Bridge-building train №438 on the basis of which Bridge Construction Crew-85 has arised was constructed in December 1942. Bridge builders have been building defensive and barrage facilities around Moscow, restoring pipe culverts, minor and medium bridges in the territory of USSR and Poland where the devastating attacks of the fascist aviation had occurred.

 Since 1954 bridge builders have been working on bridge constructing in Altai Territory, Kuzbass, Krasnoyarsk Kray.

 During the years of their working bridge builders have built and restored over 400 bridges and overpasses.

The enterprise was founded December 1941 for the reconstruction of bridges during the Great Patriotic War. Bridge builders made great contribution to the Victory, including the fact that in 1944 they managed to erect the bridge over the Kerchensky Strait during 153 days.

Bridge Construction Crew took part in clearing in Kazakhstan, erected bridges in People’s Republic of China, erected bridges over the Abakan, Yenisei rivers, Minusinsky creek.

Altai branch of Sibmost OJSC

Bridge Construction Crew was established in 1939 on the basis of the “Fundamentstroy” organization. During The Great Patriotic War bridge builders have been working in Volga region, Kalininskaya Region, Dnieper river region, Don river region. In 1949 the train was named “Bridge Train-403”. In 1950 it was redeployed to Kerchensky, in 1955 – to Barnaul, where it joined “Mostostroy-2” trust (“Sibmost”-to-be). In 1980 it was named Bridge Construction Crew-96.


During 70 years Bridge Construction Crew-96 has built over 600 bridges the total length of over 40 km. Bridge builders work not only in Altai Territory and Siberian region but in the European area of the country. In Saint-Petersburg workers have assisted in building the highest cable-stayed bridge over the Neva river, ob the Saint-Petersburg ringway. In Moscow Bridge Construction Crew has several bridges to its credit including the unique pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river leading to Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Bridge Construction Crew-96 has a strong production facilities. Nowadays it appears to be a huge area of 7.8 hectares where concrete, ferroconcrete, hardware are manufactured. Production of road beams is arranged. Facilities include warehouses, production departments, railway lines for cargo transfering, administrative buildings, section of the chief mechanic, garage for technical equipment.

The staff of Bridge Construction Crew-96 is the most numerous of all departments of Sibmost OJSC and counts over 500 employees. Bridge Construction Crew-96 is included into the Federal list of the best enterprises of Russia.

The story about Bridge Construction Crew №101 starts in 1942, when the train for the reconstruction of bridges, destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, was built. Bridge train № 804, on the base of which later the Bridge Construction Crew was built, operated in Kuban, then – in Tomsk region.

In Siberia region bridgebuilders managed to erect 130 bridges, overhead roads, overpasses: only in Tomsk region more than 90 objects were built. Specialists from Bridge Construction Crew №101 participated in the construction of the Northern Bypass in Novosibirsk, constructed overhead road for 16 km with highway bridge of 713 meters over the river Chulym in Tomsk region.

Mechanization department was founded August 1945. It is headed by Galina Yurievna Holodkova.

Starting from 1975 the technical re-equipment of Mechanization department was carried out, and now this enterprise is one of the leading branches of Sibmost OJSC. The Company possesses the most modern highly-productive technical means and highly-qualified specialist operating it.

Established in 2010 for the purpose of the representing and defending the interests of the Sibmost OJSC in the European part of the Russian Federation, as well as in foreign states, on which territories the Sibmost OJSC carries outits economic activities.


The representative office carries out the activity on the following directions:


  1. Representation and protection of interests of OJSC Sibmost in the European part of the Russian Federation and in foreign states.
  2. Representative functions exercising in the sphere of relations with the Federal State governmental authorities (including the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Federal Ministry of transport), " Russian Railways" OJSC, "Rosavtodor" GC.
  3. The collection, analysis and synthesis of information, related to Sibmost OJSC, in Moscow city and in the European part of the Russian Federation
  4. Search, negotiation and relations maintenance with the Sibmost" OJSC partners in the process of the joint activities implementation.
  5. Organization and carrying out the outreaches and the publicity events, including ones in the public relations sphere.
  6. Information-analytical and organizational support of the activities to attract private and strategic investors implementation, including for the large construction projects implementation and the activities extension in the foreign markets.
  7. Marketing researches, including for reception of scope getting on the European part of the Russian Federation.
  8. Timely and qualitative execution of functions, tasks and separate instructions, conferred on the Representation.
  9. Improvement and introduction of new methods of work organization, including the methods on the basis of modern information technologies usage.
  10. Participation, in the limits of its competence, in the preparation and execution of managerial decisions of the Sibmost OJSC management.

MS Anticor Limited Liability Company is a subsidiary of Sibmost Open Joint Stock Company. Being one of the largest producers of industrial corrosion protection, it works in different sectors of the national economy such as bridge engineering and construction, oil and gas industry, power engineering, metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries, shipbuilding and ship repair, and rail transport.

MS Anticor LLC has all necessary certificates and authorizations to work, equipment and anticorrosive paints.

The Company has carried out anticorrosion works on bridges over the next rivers: Ob (Barnaul city, Novosibirsk), Charysh (Biysk city), Tea (Tomsk city), Tom (Kemerovo city), Byrd (Novosibirsk) and many others.

MS Anticor LLC supplies special equipment for blast cleaning technologies, including the technologies of gas-dynamic production, and supplies anticorrosion coatings which are used to protect different objects from atmospheric and aggressive environments (polyurethane, acrylic-urethane, epoxy, chlorosulfonated, etc.).

Specialists of the Company perform all types of works of all levels of complexity:

examination of facilities and selection of anti-corrosive treatment systems;

the cleaning of metal structures and metal constructions from scale, corrosion and all kinds of old coatings;

surface preparation and new coatings application;

diagnosis, measurement and control over the coating quality.

MS Anticor LLC is able to perform any type of corrosion protection works such as the cleaning and painting of metal and concrete surfaces with application of most modern equipment and anticorrosion paint-and-lacquer materials of leading foreign and domestic manufacturers. Equipment for the cleaning of metal and concrete surfaces of leading domestic and foreign firms is also available.

MS Anticor LLC performs also the following works for fire protection of objects under construction:

1.  Fire protection of carrying metal structures of metal construction objects;

2.  Fire protection of air duct and smoke removal systems;

3.  Fire protection of electric cables and cable connections;

4.  Fire-retardant treatment of wooden structures.

MS Anticor LLC offers services to such potential consumers as transporting and carrier companies, engineering and energy companies and organizations, companies and firms of chemical industry, construction industry, enterprises and companies of the oil and gas industry, different firms of motor industry and ship repair companies which are located in Siberia, the Urals and the Southern Federal districts.