President of Sibmost OJSC Albert Koshkin carried the Olympic Torch Relay

Wednesday, 04 December 2013

AET 9710The Olympic Torch arrived to the Republic of Altay from Tomsk on 02.12.2013 and was met at the stele “Republic of Altay” installed at the region entrance point. The Olympic Torch keeper was met by Aleksandr Berdnikov, the Head of the region.

The first torchbearer was Ivan Nemtsev, the famous athlete, Multiple World Champion in kettle bell lifting. He was followed by Madiy Kalanakov, the first regional master of sports in the Soviet Union in Graeco-Roman wrestling. He passed his way in the torchbearer clothes riding a horse with the torch in his hand accompanied by two more riders in national attires. He passed the torch to Igor Levitin, the Assistant President of the Russian Federation.

The Olympic Torch Relay went its way along the Katun River where it was handed over the Men’s National Rafter Team for “Gorno-Altayskiy State University” and then to “Altay Raft” Women’s Team. The Torch was lifted to the Sinyukha Mountain where the worship ceremony was performed at the height of 1012 m. The Olympic Torch Relay was then passed along the Manjerok and Mayma settlements central streets.

AET 9681The Torch arrived to Gorno-Altaysk late in the evening: the Relay was accepted by Albert Koshkin, President for Sibmost OJSC, the “Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Altay”.

Albert Koshkin was rewarded this title in 2012 for exceptional services provided for the governmental and social community, for contribution to social and economic renovation of the Republic, and rewarding performance to reserve civil accord in the society, as well as peace, friendship and collaboration between nations.

The Torch was carried by the total of 70 prominent citizens of Gorniy Altay with 180 volunteers involved; the total route length was 19.6 km and more than 30.000 people watched the ceremony.