Sibmost OJSC proceeded to arch launching of the 3rd Highway Bridge in Novosibirsk

Saturday, 07 December 2013

Igor Levitin, Assistant President of the Russian Federation, Vasiliy Yurchenko, Governor for Novosibirsk region, Albert Koshkin, President for Sibmost OJSC, municipal body and mass media representatives arrived to watch the erection of first two meters of the bridge arch.

0 72b29_95951a85_XLFirst blocks of the bridge arch were constructed in the mid November 2013. By now, all six temporary supports are finished for guide arcs based on unique technology. More than 1000 people are involved in bridge crossing construction, including 80 experts for the day shift and 40 – for the night shift.

The third bridge arch is bow-shaped and will be painted in red. Its main span is the longest in CIS-countries. It covers the fault line that goes at the bottom of the Ob River affected by bridge construction with 380 m in length and 70 m in height.

By the end of 2013, Sibmost OJSC plans to have completed roadway bituminous concrete placing in passages 30-6, 5-1; construction of the bridge crossing arc crown; completion of road interchange construction in Vatutin Street and in Bolshevistskaya Street for 90%. In 2014, bituminous concrete placing, fencing, illumination system and other systems will be installed.