Sibmost committed to connect the structure of the arc of the 3rd highway bridge through the Ob River in Novosibirsk

Monday, 14 April 2014

most3 stik4Being one of leading companies in Novosibirsk, Sibmost is involved in construction of the largest infrastructure facility of the federal level. It is engaged in assembly and installation of metal ware as designed and these works are first globally performed by method of vertical launching using girders in half of the arch by two sides of permanent supports from the right and left banks to the middle of the bay. The assembly of the arch span is performed in 18 stages. Each arch dome of the bridge comprises of 42 blocks. The highest mass of the block is 42 tons. Altogether, the team of Mostootryad No 38, Novosibirsk Branch of Sibmost OJSC, mounted 88 blocks of the dome of total weight of 3607 tons.

most3 stik3Albert Koshkin commented on this event to be special in its superiority and difficulty. First, the span of the arch of 380 m in length is the largest in Europe. Second, this is unique facility since the dome is made from metal and filled in with cable-stay. Third, the unique engineering is used: this is first arch dome in the world that is mounted by launching along the contour of this dome.

Closure of the arch dome will be completed within 24 days and approximately in mid-May the bridge builders will start mounting and stretching the cable-stayed system of 156 cables stays (the longest length of the unit is 109 m) manufactured by VSL Company from Switzerland. The second decade of August is expected to be the final stage of cable-stay stretching. In autumn 2014 the bridge is planned to be commissioned. The length of the bridge is 5.48 km, including the length of the bridge over the Ob River which makes 2097 km and two traffic interchanges with approach viaducts and pedestrian crossings.