Friday, 16 May 2014

Hereby Sibmost OJSC, Stroyproekt Institute CJSC, AMOST Fund (Association of bridge builders), National group of Russia for IABSE Bridge and Structure International Association announce on International Workshop and Conference “Design and construction of the bridge over the Ob River along Olovozavodskiy cross section in Novosibirsk”.

The event will take place on May 29-30, 2014 as part of the third Forum “Siberian Transport” in the area of Expocentre.

The conference invites experts and professionals from largest bridge-building companies, representatives of industrial ministries and institutions of federal and regional level, transport facility construction owners, design and engineering institutes, including manufacturing companies from Russia and abroad that are specialized in production of equipment and machinery.

The layout of the 3rd over the Ob River in Novosibirsk and its structure seem to be unique for the main superstructure structure is the arch with “netted links” of 380 m in length and 70 m – in height. The superstructure was assembled by longitudinal upward launching method at 45°. Currently, assembly works to cable-stayed bridge system are carried out supervised by experts from VSL Company from Switzerland.

The conference gives the opportunity to get introduced to design and engineering details, including:

  • Architectural decisions.
  • Bridge structure and superstructure estimation.
  • Construction technology.
  • Cable-stayed system.
  • Manufacture of superstructure items from metal.
  • Facility quality control and monitoring of structure condition

We kindly invite mass media representatives to take part in the forum and get comprehensive answers to all questions related to construction of one of the transport facilities in Novosibirsk of federal value. All the concerned people will be provided with pictures, video and text materials at the request.