Monday, 20 October 2014

3most final3October, 8 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the third motorway bridge in Novosibirsk over the Ob River. The first ones to cross the new six-lane Burginski bridge where the trucks of the construction workers.

Vladimir Putin talked to the constructors of “Sibmost” JSC and thanked them for the successful implementation of the project.

3most final3- I would like to congratulate everybody. You all know how much Novosibirsk needed the third bridge and you have perfectly completed the task. It took a little bit more than four years to accomplish such a unique project. It is special not only for Russia but for the whole world. The bridge has the biggest arc in the world – 380 m – built with state-of-art technology.

The most important part is that the people needed this bridge very much. The connection of the two major Federal highways is giving the city great outlooks for further development. It is really a huge work that has been done, - cited the President’s words website.

The construction of the massive infrastructure object was ordered by the government of Novosibirsk. The main contractor was OAO “Sibmost”.

3most final2The governor of Novosibirsk Oblast Vladimir Gorodetski reported to the President of the Russian Federation about the process and the scope of work that had been done as well as the story of creating the bridge. He thanked everybody for the support during the bridge construction.

The traffic on the Burginski Bridge was opened to traffic after the President and the truck column crossed it.

3most final4About the construction of Bugrinski bridge over the Ob river in Novosibirks

The length of the construction project - 5.48 km, including the bridge over the Ob river - 2,091 km., the road intercharges interchanges on the Vatutina st. and Bolshevistskaya st. with two overground pedestrian crossings.

Sibmost JSC - a top-ranked national bridge construction enterprise, carrying out a complete set of roads and railways with man-made bridges, airports and other mixed engineering constructions construction works, it is multibusiness general contracting organization performing a complete set of works on roads and railways with engineering structures, other difficult engineering constructions and adjoining infrastructure development. For the next few years there are contracts concluded the amount of more than 60 bln. roubles.