Monday, 07 September 2015

This was reported by governor of Novosibirsk region Vladimir Gorodetskiy. The head of the region pointed out that the project of the bridge and technologies used are being assessed by experts to be nominated for State Award of Russian Federation.

The third motorway bridge over the Ob River, Bugrinski Bridge, is the part of the future Southwestern transit of Novosibirsk region. The route over the bridge shortened the distance of one transit by about 8,5km and the volume of traffic is more than 7 thousand vehicles an hour. In long term the third bridge over Ob River will be the part of transport corridor that will join federal routes and decrease the traffic in the central part of the city.

3most final5The uniqueness of this bridge consists in the record size of the arch span – 380 meters – that is the biggest cellular arch in the world. The way of building of this arch span using vertical radial sliding method is also unique: it is the first arch in the world made this way.

The form of the bridge itself is symbolical: the arch looks like a giant red bow that is the historical symbol of Novosibirsk. The red bow and the bridge are the main elements of the city emblem. This is the reason why arch span is colored in red.

3мост 8 10Technical characteristics of the object:

  • overall length of the bridge – 2091 m
  • length of central span – 380 m
  • number of traffic lanes – 3+3
  • traffic capacity of the bridge is 7180 vehicles an hour (at 80 km/h).

The Birginski Bridge was opened to traffic in November 2014.